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Walking With God

Years ago, while reading through the Old Testament Book of Genesis, I was struck by the phrase “Enoch walked with God…” (Genesis 5:24).  Reading further I discovered that he was not the only one described this way.  Noah “walked faithfully with God” (Genesis 6:9) and Abraham similarly described his relationship with the LORD, “…before whom I have walked faithfully” (Genesis 24:40).  The Hebrew word, ‘halak’, can refer to the literal action of movement—of coming and going or in the more general sense of ‘conducting one’s life’.  In both instances, ‘walking with God’ meant relationship, interaction, movement toward a common goal.  These people not only believed in God, but they knew Him, prayed to Him, heard from Him, conversed with Him and (importantly) followed His lead in all aspects of their lives.


During this period of Lent I have encouraged our congregation (First Baptist Church) to ‘walk with God’ throughout their own neighborhoods and in other areas of our community.  The idea is to pray with our eyes open, asking God to give us His heart for the people around us.  Our prayer prompts include, “Lord, please deepen my love for my neighbors and neighborhood.”  “Lord, give me the time and capacity to practice hospitality (Who can we invite over for dinner?)”. “Lord, help me move towards friendship with my neighbors, going beyond simply knowing their names.”  Lord, help me see what You are doing so I can join You in Your work.”


I’ve learned that prayer makes a difference in a community. God listens and responds.  Circumstances change.  People change.  Hearts soften.  Eyes open. Understanding grows. Walls come down.  Needs become known.  Friendships form.  The desire to help turns into tangible expressions of that help.  While purposefully walking with God throughout our neighborhoods and community our lives become transformed into an extension of His work among others.   


So, if you see people walking through your neighborhood or the center of town, looking like they are in deep conversation with someone you cannot see.  They just might be asking God for blessing and peace over you.  Receive that blessing.  Perhaps you may even want to join them on their walk and give it a try yourself!  You will be glad you did.

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