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About Our Church
Come as you are and be transformed by Christ's love!


God loved us first.  He always makes the first move even though humanity consistently chooses to go their own way.  God’s love is perfect and good and most vividly expressed through the life and sacrificial death of Jesus, God the Son.  Once we get it, we turn to love him in return.  We love God through worship, obedience, dependence and extending sacrificial love towards others. 


God’s grace flows to us and through us.  Filled with the love of Christ, we focus on the needs of others, serving the hurting, the anxious, and the discouraged.  We care for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ—they are family.  We also care for those outside our fellowship, reaching out to those who may be overlooked.  It is our joy to serve our neighbors and bless our community in word and in deed.


God changes lives.  Jesus’ death and resurrection not only opened the door to forgiveness and eternal life, but also began a new work of creation—changing people from the inside out.  The Holy Spirit empowers us to share the story of God’s worldwide plan for righteousness and justice and His personal invitation for freedom, purpose and peace.  We simply have to make Him known.

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